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by T. Nathan Roane

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Loneliness set upon me; curse the waves which speak so elegantly. Pass the ease of malcontent to reach the seas spread out so longing for me. I can hear you… I can hear you calling out, calling my name. I can hear you… Saddled up to my last intent, broken seals appear to wax about me. Pack my clothes to say goodbye… After peace, I'll cease to run again.
Going down to the river, gonna meet some friends of mine, going down singing, "Why, oh why? When I hear angels within your sighs, do I think of damned and broken things, and seamless lies?" Going down to the river, gonna leave my friends behind, going down screaming, "Take these broken things of mine. Take my heart to pacify. You'll find I won't be needing them anymore. Well, to tell the truth, I've seen things through, found I've grown away from you - so goodbye."
Sacrifice 04:05
Jesus Christ was right to wish the worst upon the soldier, for he alone had picked this sordid path to self-destruction. Never mind the apples haven fallen from the tree. Leave them rot to feed and better sweeten our beliefs. Sacrifice was shown to us, absolving all our sins, but sacrificing how or what left only clear to him. Alone, we panic, fear and doubt, creating rules amongst ourselves and give up on all sorts of things none else could care about.
Shower 04:23
Cool water travels down her body. Her warm skin shivers slightly, politely, ever closer to me. Her tender fingers shaking, taking their time on me. Cool water, it travels down our bodies, gathering between her and me. Arms pressed, wet flesh, skin smooth, her breasts pooling water against me. Cool water. My hands become my eyes, run along her back and sides. Her warm, cool breath whispers: "I love you." Head down, mouth on neck; lips wander, they find another. She's my girl and I'll take her and make her my girl.
Verbunkos 06:18
Little brown bug, little brown bug, you don't need to be in my bed. There's a better world out there for yah, through the window and off of my head. You woke me while I was sleepin'; your little brown legs were creepin'. At first I thought I was dreamin', but your ticklin' and nibblin' said: I gotta bug. I gotta bug. I gotta bug and he's on my head. Once I put him out the window, it's back to bed. The bug looked right up to me. He said, "How dare you shoo me? I was just about to settle in for the night among the hairy follicles of your head. It was so warm and cozy. Don't think me rude or nosey, but what difference could it make for a little bug's sake to leave me tucked away with you in your bed?" So I thought about it, and considered maybe that lil' ol' bug ain't so wrong. He's not hurtin' anyone just a-sittin' there and all, mindin' his own, not doin' any harm. Then I woke up a bit and shook off that sleep I had in me, realized what was really goin' on. You see… bugs don't talk! I'm sleepin'! Or at least I was until, well, before I, uh… I gotta bug. I gotta bug. I gotta bug and he's on my head. Once I put him out the window, it's back to bed.
Quick to Run 02:35
My, my, oh my, you're quick to run, quick to hide, quick to jump, quick to glide, quick to… quick to race off and go and find new places to race off to. Never put your feet down, son, or they'll up and run on off of you. Oh, my, my, you're quick to cover, quick to turn and toss and spin and juggle, quick to… quick to find your own path in this here jungle. Make no mistake, you've found a fine path to follow. It just ain't used much anymore so be careful you don't trip up and loose your marbles. Never can be too sure how the path you choose will look tomorrow. Skippin' on down, take the back road, you're gonna find it in your own way, or you can take it on up by the high road, 'till you find yourself just runnin' with the grain. Either way you run it, son, you're gonna find it just the same. You've done well, son, you make me proud, make me smile, put a grin on a face that just doesn't smile so much anymore, doesn't see the light of grace so much anymore. But when I get to see you run, it makes me wonder what else I could do. Maybe one of these days I'll get it in me to take off chasin' after you.
Sometimes, I feel sad thinking about the things I should've done. Some things better unsaid? Others seemed to last way too long. But when I think about my girl, I know I couldn't have done so wrong. Prettiest girl in the world, she loves me just as I am. Prettiest girl in the world, it took so long to find her, but I found her. She smiles as she calls me her man; I smile as I call her my dream. Another evening all alone. Worthless days turn to worthless nights. Tomorrow, I'll come home. Save; hold on to what's to come. Soon it will be our world; together, making our own way in our own way. Never be alone. Never be alone
Springen 03:40
Tanzen 02:36
Didn't you say we'd go out tonight, or was it in my dreams? Left to me, we'd never part. Oh, let's go out dancing… the days fly by so fast, and you never hold me much anymore. Troubled now by crazy thoughts, please give your relief: tell me, show me, hold me, hold me.
Paper Star 03:01


The Composer (2005-2008) album is my post-graduate work, three years focusing on audio engineering my best 13 non-classical songs written near the end of a music composition degree at VCU. All music was completely written, recorded, mixed and mastered myself - as was the artwork. A few friends joined in performing, though I gladly played most instruments. Stylistic influences included singer-songwriter Neil Young, Eastern-European gypsy, Mexican Mariachi, Jewish Klezmer, and Indian/Arabic classical.


released October 15, 2008

T. Nathan Roane - Composer (2008)

T. Nathan Roane

T.Nathan Roane: voice, guitars, percussion, organs, trumpet, bass, piano, flute
Erik Redford: viola, violins
Hannah Boley: phonofiddle
Jaime McGill: clarinets, contralto
Jessica Klein: soprano
Jana Straeter: contralto
Thomas M. Roane: speaking voice
Lena Peilicke: contralto


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T. Nathan Roane Berlin, Germany

T. Nathan Roane is a composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer in Berlin, Germany.

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